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From Scratch


FROM SCRATCH – A Futuristic Apocalyptic Thriller

 Ron Adam

Just as in a Greek tragedy, America is moving towards the inevitable collision with the ultimate threat: the fatal combination of fanatic Islam, nuclear arms, and the richest energy resources in the world.

On September 11, 2001, Osama Bin Laden demonstrated to the world how US dollars and American technology could be easily turned around and used as a boomerang to strike into the heart of America. It is easy, though shattering, to imagine what can happen once such fanatic zeal is equipped with the monstrous power of nuclear weapons.

A quick look at the map shows that the United States did learn the lesson, and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were just the closing of the circle around the real threat – Iran.

From Scratch takes you into the whirlpool that sweeps the world from a local war in the Persian Gulf through a military coup in Russia - Iran’s new old ally - to a veritable nuclear holocaust.

An all-male US submarine crew that unwillingly played an active role in destroying mankind, finds out in the aftermath that the opposite task – to recreate the human race rests on their shoulders – From Scratch. They will emerge, after nine months underwater, at a remote Pacific Island where conditions can again support life. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, they carry with them two dozen frozen fertilized ova, each of which is destined to become a new "Eve", and who together will be the mothers of the new humankind.

However, there are too many “Adams” on the island, and more than a hundred men are eagerly waiting for the 24 baby girls to mature into grown women. Therefore the struggle for control over the precious “resource” is predetermined.

These men find out that human nature cannot be changed. Even after the ultimate war that destroyed everything, man will go on using sheer force in order to get what he wants and to resolve disputes.

Despite the pessimistic scenario, the book is essentially optimistic, and is driven by faith in the law of history: although the good may suffer and pay a precious price, they will eventually prevail.

The Author: A Fighter Pilot, Naval Officer, and Senior Hi-tech Engineer.

Ron Adam has enjoyed an impressive military career, from Israeli Navy submarine and torpedo boat service to the Israeli Air Force as a fighter pilot, captain of an aircraft carrier, flight instructor, and electronic warfare staff officer. Holding a degree in Electronics Engineering, Adam has headed a 1.2 billion dollar defense program and has also established three high-tech start-ups.

Today, Adam is a senior consultant to the aerospace industry, and shares his time between top-level engineering and writing of books and scripts. He is happily married and has 3 children.

An English-Language eBook edition has been scheduled for publication in late  2017 by Samuel Wachtman's Sons ,Inc., CA.

 180 pages, 15X21 cm

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