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The Sun Will Rise Tomorrow
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The Sun Will Rise Tomorrow
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The Sun Will Rise Tomorrow: A Child's View of the Holocaust / Irit Dror-Reytan

The Sun Will Rise Tomorrow is not a conventional book about  the holocaust. It does not describe the atrocities of WW2, especially towards the Jewish people. Instead, the writer tells a story of her own life from a personal view as a chid, during that period.

With the gentle strokes of an artist, the author paints the scenery of her childhood in Nazi-occupied Poland, from age three to six, describing events as she perceived them at the time from a child's point of view. Her peaceful and happy country life is crushed by the occupation of Nazi Germany.

On a cold and rainy night, our heroine evades the firing squad that annihilates most of her family; her mother joins the partisans, her father is deported to Auschwitz, and she finds herself all alone, hidden in a wicker basket, with a Christian peasant family.

After liberation and an incredible reunion with her mother, in an attempt to rehabilitate life, the child becomes the mother and is forced to mature instantly. She takes responsibility for her mother and herself in a daily struggle to survive. Then, an impossible surprise strikes!

The purpose of this book is to deliver a message to children who were abused, in any way, not to give in, not to lose hope—the sun will rise tomorrow!

Irit Dror-Reytan was born on September 22, 1939, in Boryslav, Poland. After the war she lived in Waldenburg, Poland, until 1950 when her family immigrated to Israel. She was educated in Tabeetha Jaffa, a Church of Scotland school. The Author completed her studies at the Israel Conservatory of Music in Tel Aviv.

She received a B.A. from Queens College in New York and a Master’s degree in psychology from Lesley University in Boston. Irit taught music and English for many years. For the last twenty years, she has been treating IDF soldiers suffering from PTSD.

The author has four children, seven grandchildren and lives with her husband in Israel.

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