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The Wrecking Crew
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The Wrecking Crew
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  The Wrecking Crew/ Hugo N.Gerstl

   The craziest “coalition” in history is out to destroy ISIS!

Forty years ago, Tammy Aiello was the most feared mafia leader in the country. Today, “retired” and counting his pills and his pennies, life is pretty awful. The same can be said for Pedro Sanchez, 20, a two-time loser who can’t find a job. His girlfriend, seventeen, has just told him she’s pregnant.

     Sister Maureen is about “retired” as head of a prestigious girls’ school. FBI agent Dennis O’Brien, 63, knows he’s on the way out the door. But what if …? Five thousand miles away, a group of malcontents, ISIS, is stirring up a worldwide mess. Neither boots on the ground nor aerial bombing have any effect. The U.S. is wasting $14 million a day.

     Fifteen “retired” Mafia Dons under the leadership of Sister Maureen are tasked with destroying ISIS? In exchange, their criminal records will be erased and each gets $75,000 tax free for life. Their “army” - young Hispanic “losers” - will each get a four-year free college education and guaranteed government employment. Since the good, moral U.S.A. can’t be seen to be involved, it will all be funded through the Vatican Bank.

     Hugo N. Gerstl, international bestselling author, steps into a wacky world only his imagination could devise. Beneath the outrageous hilarity lies a much more serious message – how we ignore the “invisibles” in our society – too old, too poor, too disadvantaged. But Old age and treachery will defeat youth and vigor every time! Hang on for a wild ride!

An English-language eBook edition was published in late 2016 by Samuel Wachtman's Sons, Inc.,CA.

360 Pages, 14.5X21cm

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