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The Eagle's Secret
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The Eagle´s Secret
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The Eagle's Secret

Ido Barnea, an Israeli combat pilot, is flying a routine night flight over the Negev desert when suddenly his reliable Skyhawk jet fighter starts to vibrate uncontrollably and finally crashes, forcing Ido to eject at the last possible second. At that exact moment a young girl in the heart of Brussels is kidnapped. What’s the connection between these two events? Who’s behind them? Accused of betrayal, Ido is forced into a dizzying chase to clear his name. Naama Sharon, a beautiful Mossad agent, is sent after him and the two encounter powerful arms dealers, cynical terrorists, and corrupt army officers. In their struggle, they discover that the two mysterious events hide a deplorable crime. The Eagle's Secret is an original, thrilling novel, full of jet-fighter-like twists and turns. Its fast pace will leave you breathless and wanting more.


Erez Aharoni completed his fighter pilot training course in the Israeli Air Force in 1978. He served as a pilot in the Hercules squadron and participated in various flights and missions, including the immigration of Ethiopian Jews.

After his discharge, the author became one of Israel's foremost commercial lawyers and one of the founders and managing partner of the international law firm of Zysman, Aharoni, Gayer & Co., as well as a partner and an owner of the U.S. law firm ZAG/S&W.

In 2004, the author's story “Cackling” won first prize in the prestigious Uriel Ofek short fiction competition. His first book, Half a Moustache, was published in Hebrew in 2006, followed by The Eagle's Secret, and then the novel Wildfire.

360 pages, 15X22 cm

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