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A Gripping, Breath Holding Thriller By Hugo N.Gerstl
The ultimate thriller—with a twist. Forty-five years ago, a set of twins was separated at birth when their parents were caught in the crossfire between police and robbers. Flash forward to the present. Five billionaires plot to assassinate Iran’s Supreme Leader, the Ayatollah Khamenei, by hiring the most expensive killer in the world. Iran learns of the plot through a web of sex, lies, and betrayal, but they know they are hopelessly outclassed in counterterrorism. Only one service in the world has the wherewithal to bring down the assassin—Israel, a country Iran refuses to recognize. Nevertheless, Iran finally manages to hire Israel’s best counterterrorist. Unknown to one another, the assassin is one twin and the Israeli counterterrorist is the other. Let the chase begin!
If you like a great thriller, such as The DaVinci Code or The Day of the Jackal, you will certainly love ASSASSIN. It stands apart from other thrillers because it is truly original and goes outside the box to run circles around other books in this genre.
Hugo Gerstl, famed American trial lawyer and bestselling author of eleven novels that have been translated worldwide, and fifteen works of nonfiction, has been involved in the American entertainment industry for years. The author has lived several lives as musician, pilot, actor, and director, and is uniquely qualified to write this work. He resides on the Monterey Peninsula with his wife Lorraine. This is his eighth novel for Dekel Publishing Group.
An English-Language eBook edition has was published in early  2014 by Samuel Wachtman's Sons Inc., CA.
276 pages, 15X22.5 cm
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