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The Rights of the Hebrew Nation in Israel/Palestine
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The Rights of the Hebrew Nation in Israel/Palestine
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The Rights of the Hebrew Nation in Israel/Palestine
Evidence Based Argumentations by Moshe Schwarzberg
According to Time magazine (“A Land Divided,” 25 March, 2002) the history of the conflict started with the 1947 decision of the United Nations to divide Palestine between Jews and Arabs. With one strike on the journalist’s keyboard, the entire history of the region was amputated at the year 1946, when Palestine was first divided, with the establishment of the Transjordanian Emirate, now known as Jordan. As a consequence of the misleading chronological presentation of events, a thirty-year history of bloodshed – the period of the 1918-1948 British Mandate – was wiped clean as if it had never happened.
The purpose of this booklet is to present a series of argumentation based on evidence, solid information that precedes opinion, and proven data followed by a preliminary conclusion.
Dr. Moshe Schwarzberg, a family medicine specialist and clinical instructor at Tel Aviv University, invokes the EBM (Evidence Based Medicine) scientific method to create an EBP (Evidence Based Politics) article in which the heretofore unknown background of the Arab-Israeli conflict is illuminated.
An English-Language eBook edition was published in fall 2011 by Samuel Wachtman's Sons  Inc., CA.
ISBN No.: 978-1-8888-20-25-6 & 978-1-8888-20-27-0, respectively.
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